Because your establishment is unique,
Hôtels Paris Rive Gauche is available to assist you at every key stage, helping to develop your performance and quality…

Marketing and performance development

  • Analysis of existing portfolio and rates arbitration 
  • Personalised commercial action plan 
  • Prospection and contracting of local corporate clientele 
  • Managed and optimised presence on every distribution channel (OTAs, wholesalers, tour operators, GDS, agencies…)
  • Presence at international trade fairs

Tailor-made yield management

  • Implementation of your strategy and rate structure
  • Daily adjustment of rates based on the establishment’s location, target clientele, seasonality, budgetary objectives, market fluctuations and competition
  • Implementation of reliable and efficient tools dedicated to optimising performance
  • Benchmark and competition monitoring

Web marketing and e-commerce

  • Hotel website, group website, mobile site
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Metasearch
  • Display and social ads 

Operational management

  • Recruitment, training, management and evaluation of establishment managers
  • Identification of progress points for each profit centre and implementation of corrective actions in order to attain principle objectives, including:

        - Increased revenue

        - Profitability growth

        - Quality improvement

  • Implementation of operational procedures and best practices
  • Monthly meetings with all managers: reports, actions and follow-up


Quality and customer loyalty

  • Implementation of mystery guest visits with reports on satisfaction, quality and service
  • E-reputation monitoring and optimisation 
  • Monthly booking audits

Cashflow management

  • Elaboration of the hotels’ operating budgets and cashflow forecasts
  • Elaboration of annual investment budgets 
  • Creation and monitoring of monthly, quarterly and annual objectives and ratios
  • Monthly objective meetings: analysis and monitoring, implementation of corrective actions
  • Monitoring and management of aged trial balances
  • Loan undertaking and debt management

Administrative and social obligation management

  • Control of social obligation conformity 
  • Review of the company’s contractual obligations
  • Guidance in dispute / litigation procedures (concerning companies or employees),
  • Co-ordination of in-house or external consultants (jurists, chartered accountants, lawyers)
  • Negotiation with landlords, administrations…

Management of standards compliance

  • Monitoring and control of conformity, security and accessibility of the establishments
  • Adherence to current legislation

Construction / renovation management

  • Definition of product concept
  • Elaboration and control of budget and schedule
  • Co-ordination of construction project
  • Monitoring of building work and assistance with works acceptance procedures

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