Easy Paris

14 july 2007: Free admission to the Museum and exhibitions at the Centre Pompidou in Paris
10th July 2007

The Centre Pompidou offers free admission to the public during the National Holiday. (more…)

Hotel des Grands Hommes on the "Paris, Hotels & More" Taschen’s guide cover
30th November 2006

TASCHEN’s Hotel series books are much more than simple hotel guides. They are meant to be taken along on your...

Les soldes d’hiver débuteront le mercredi 11 janvier 2005 à Paris
28th December 2005

Pour les dates des soldes d'été 2008 à Paris, cliquez ici.Le Printemps Haussmann sort toutes ses armes pour séduire les...

Hotels Paris Rive Gauche give you tips about shopping in Paris… (bargains) Update
28th October 2005

You want to buy shoes, furnitures.... (more…)

A cheaper way to phone from your room at the Hôtels Paris Rive Gauche
11th October 2005

Phone from your hotel room for less.. (more…)

La ville de Paris au CNRS
7th October 2005

CNRS Thema consacré à Paris (more…)

The American Church in Paris

The American Church in Paris is the first American church established on foreign soil. (more…)

iPod Subway Maps of Paris
1st October 2005

Download subway maps for your iPod Photo here! (more…)

Mondial de l’Antiquité at the Flea Market in Paris (2nd édition) from October 6th to 9th 2005
30th September 2005

This edition will celebrate the 120th anniversary of the flea market... (more…)