Bees and honey!

HPRG – le meilleur tarif garanti sur nos sites
29 April 2014

Certain sites vous promettent des tarifs spéciaux sur des hôtels, mais comme nous vous disons depuis très longtemps, nous avons fait...

Fête de la Nature – a nature festival in Paris,
16th & 17th May 2009
7 May 2009

It may not look like there are many green spaces in central Paris, but the city is green nonetheless: combine...

Honey Festival at the Jardin du Luxembourg, 20th & 21st September 2008
16 September 2008

You know we love bees, and you know that many of our hotels are just by the Jardin du Luxembourg,...

Our bees are on holiday
7 August 2008

As we mentioned yesterday, the bees from the Eiffel Park Hotel are now back in their woodland retreat. Here are...

The 2008 HPRG honey harvest!
6 August 2008

Our bees have been working hard all summer, but why have we harvested the honey already? Read : Bart...

Biohazard attack in the Jardin du Luxembourg
6 June 2008

Just kidding, it's the bees : jasonw (more…)

Yes honey, the bees are back!
6 May 2008

For the third year running, we've installed three beehives on the roof of the Eiffel Park Hôtel. Take a look...

More bees on the Rive Gauche
19 March 2008

You probably know that we really loves bees and honey (we even make out own), so here's some really good...

New Bee Movie trailer available!
26 September 2007

I know, we keep going on about it, but we do really love bees...! (more…)

Our bees are now on winter break
19 September 2007

After the honey harvest last week, they are now kicking back in the French countryside! (more…)