Du pain et des idées (Bread and Ideas) :
an amazing boulangerie that lives up to its name

We’ve already raved about this great place (here), winner of the distinguished Gault & Millau prize for the best boulangerie in Paris, no less. The bread is always excellent and even the ideas are fresh – like their latest one for the month of August: the trainees will be running the place and serving up some new specialities!

photos : JasonW
photos : JasonW

This boulangerie is definitely worth crossing town for. Check out our photo gallery if you don’t believe us! And as their name indicates, they’re not short of ideas.

For example, instead of closing for the month of August as usual, they’ll be staying open – albeit with slightly different hours and a reduced selection – but for a very good reason: the trainee bakers will be running the place as if it were theirs!
photos : JasonW
This is great idea from Christophe Vasseur, and one that others would do well to follow.

The most exciting part is that the selection of (delicious) filled little breads will be changed/extended so that the trainees can let us taste some new recipes. Yum! I’m off there right now to try them out… 🙂
Du pain est des idées is not far from République (map here) and until 21st August 2009 they are open from 9am – 8pm with a break for lunch from 2-3.30pm. Make sure you go during the week: as always, they are closed Saturdays and Sundays.

In any case, don’t miss this chance to try their breads (especially the Pain des amis) and French pastries. You won’t regret it.

The official site: www.dupainetdesidees.com