Julie & Julia – 50s Paris and Meryl Streep!

Passion and butter? Makes me think of Last Tango in Paris... 😉

Just a quick post today (it’s a public holiday in France) to mention Julie & Julia starring Merly Streep in 1950s Paris. Retro gastronomy. Yum!

The film’s out August 7th 2009 in the USA (11th September in the UK, full release date for other countrie here) and it’s a story split in two: two women, two cities, two eras…

On one side we have Meryl Streep as Julia Child, whose time in Paris gave rise to the the classic “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. The film shows how she launched herself into a very male-dominated/sexist profession and succeeded.

On the other, Amy Adams play Julia Powell, a lowly office worker in contemporary New York. In true Sex And The City style (complete with voiceover in front of the laptop) she watches her girlfriends’ careers take off while she is paddling goign nowhere. So, she decided to take up a challenge: cook all 524 of Julia Child’s reciped in a year. Cue crazee scenes of stuff being spilled, burnt, etc.

The film was partly filmed in Paris, and a few photos of the shoot can be seen here on the official Paris council site. We love us some Meryl Streep (erm, apart from Mamma Mia), and even if the Paris shown is heavy on clichés, the film looks like an agreeable way to spend 90 minutes. You can’t go wrong with food films, can you?

Here’s the trailer (you can also see it in high definition here). The official movie site is here.