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Australian Arts in Paris exhibition at galerie Anne Lettrée from september 14th to 18th 2005
7th September 2005

Stephane Jacob presents a wide selection of works by leading aboriginal and western australian contemporary artists (more…)

Shops opened all night in paris
6th September 2005

Paris night... (more…)

Wikipedia : the free encyclopedia
4th September 2005

that anyone can edit... (more…)

Wikipédia : l’encyclopedie libre

Un site sur lequel vous pouvez intervenir... (more…)

Hotels Paris Rive Gauche visitera Apple Expo à Paris le 20 septembre
3rd September 2005

L'année dernière nous avons eu en avant première.... (more…)

The Grand Palais open for The 2005 European Doors Open Days
2nd September 2005

and will be open until October 1st... (more…)

A Paris sightseeing tour with a 2CV !!!
30th August 2005

A funny way to see Paris ! (more…)

The 2005 European Doors Open Days – Paris program September 17th, 18th
29th August 2005

Some buildings are only open to visit for this annual event, so it is not be missed. (more…)

Bewitched : DVD release
26th August 2005

DVD releases are out of control. Misplaced nostalgia for the TV shows of our youth are rife. So it was...