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A recap of our restaurant reviews!

Restaurant l'Escudella, Paris
photos: JasonW

As you undoubtedly know, our blog has monthly restaurant reviews to help you find the perfect place for lunch or dinner during your stay in our beautiful city, renowned for its exquisite cuisine.

While the pandemic slowed us down a little, things are back to their normal rhythm, and we though it might be a good idea to remind you of the best places we’ve visited recently. We tell you about each restaurant’s atmosphere and of course the food, all illustrated with a host of photos .

So, below you’ll find a recap of the seven latest reviews, and there are even more available by clicking this link. And at the bottom of this article you’ll find a map showing where all the restaurants are situated in town – all are on the Left Bank and easy to get to from our hotels.

There’s a leaning towards French cuisine (naturally), but also a bit of fusion food and even a great vegan option! Click the photo accompanying each review to access the full article!

Let’s starts with the le Procope, which was founded in 1686 ! It’s a huge place, rather old school, but perfect if you’re with a group or want to eat at an odd time of day, as there are large tables and the kitchens remain open all day. If you’re looking fro French cuisine competently executed at a reasonable price, the Procope is a good choice!

Restaurant Le Procope, Paris

The Brasserie des Deux Palais is just in front of the Palais de Justice, with a large agreeable terrace and an interior that probably hasn’t changed in the last 50 years (and there’s not many of those left!)

French cuisine is once again on offer, and we found the dishes “generously served, tasty and not excessively expensive, served in a deliciously retro space with kind and efficient waiters”! Well worth trying!

Brasserie les Deux Palais, Paris

Le Reminet is a restaurant near Notre-Dame, with a small ground floor space and another room in the stone-vaulted basement.

We wrtoe that it was “an authentic French cuisine experience, with a team that looks after you well and smiles sincerely”. Tell us if you agree.

Restaurant Le Reminet, Paris

On super-chic boulevard Saint-Germain, Shiro mixes French and Japanese cuisine, and has some of the most expensive tasting menus we’ve ever tried (80€ for six rather small but pretty dishes 😳)…

Our review has a tip that will help you get a reduction (-20% off the à la carte menu).

Shiro, restaurant franco-japonais fusion

At completely the other end of the spectrum, Naked Burger offers 100% vegan fast food that looks and tastes like the beef, chicken or fish burger you’re used to. It’s better for the planet, doesn’t hurt any animals and is better for your health! Taste it and you’ll see!

We were very pleasantly surprised, and it’s a great choice if you want to order out and enjoy lunch outside on the banks of the Seine.

Naked Burger – un fast-food bon pour la planète et la santé

L’Escudella has only been open for two months, but we are sure that success will come fast.

The food is made by a team that is really passionate about food (the team from the Christine restaurant). You should go there before it becomes impossible to book!

Restaurant l’Escudella, Paris

And to finish off, we very recently visited Ischia, the newest venture from famous French chef Cyril Lignac (who is on many a TV show) and we were not disappointed – quite the contrary.

The large terrace and cool interior design make this restaurant a great choice in both summer and winter. Plus, the dishes were really great!

Restaurant Ischia de Cyril Lignac

So here’s the map to see where all these restaurants are. Enjoy!